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Who we are

At Diviv, we do things differently to your standard technology vendor.  We genuinely care about our people and our clients. We also believe that transparency is a vital ingredient in building long-standing mutually beneficial relationships.


We listen carefully

We start every assignment by engaging with you to understand your business and industry. Listening to everything you have to say helps us craft solutions that meet your business needs.


A very dedicated team

Our team is passionate about people, process, and technology. The driving force behind everything we do is to help our clients leverage technology to achieve their goals.


Honesty and transparency

We pride ourselves on our honest and transparent practices. We put you first and are not afraid to provide candid advice when we believe it is in your best interest.

What We Do


Digital Business Strategy

Combining the expertise of leading developers, business architects, and digital marketing specialists, we deliver a digital business strategy that works.


Website Development & Maintenance

Taking a brand-centric approach, we build websites around what your customers need and what your brand wants to say.


Application Development

We help you build solutions that give you a competitive edge in today’s digitally driven world.


Business System Integration

Our business system integration solutions help you transform processes and technology investments into innovative solutions.


Technical Expertise & Consultancy

Our skilled team of tech professionals can provide the strategic advice your business needs across the full spectrum of digital enterprise solutions.

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