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Everything we do starts with a strategic analysis of your business and marketing strategies. We know that in today’s digital landscape, technology is an enabler and not a starting point. Our proven inclusive approach takes a holistic view of your business delivering outcomes-driven digital solutions that align with your strategy.

We empower your business to do more at the intersection of creativity & technology.

Application Development

In a world that has gone digital, your software and applications determine your competitive advantage.

Our custom developed applications allow you to differentiate your business without compromising on design or functionality. We know that your business is unique, so we tailor our custom development services to your needs. Our experience and expertise across multiple technologies give us the agility we need to configure your solution to meet your specific business goals.

Technology is the new competitive differentiator. In a fast-changing global market, your technical solutions have to be world-class, flexible and fast. Our skilled and certified resources harness the latest ground-breaking technologies and consistently deliver business outcomes through innovative solutions.

Digital Business Strategy

In today’s online world your business needs to deliver a lasting digital experience. Every digital encounter a user has with your organisation will determine their perception of your business. Leveraging the best UX experts and designers, we benchmark your site against global best practices ensuring your systems support your overall brand experience.

Your digital business strategy must always consider the customer experience. A great customer experience design is a lot more than clever software engineering. At Diviv we build solutions that ensure quality interactions between your customers and your brand across all digital touch points.

Combining the expertise of leading developers, business architects, and digital marketing specialists, we deliver a digital business strategy that works.

Website Development & Maintenance

Taking a brand-centric approach, we build websites around what your customers need and what your brand wants to say.

In today’s digital-first world, your website is the first interaction potential customers have with your business. Our outcomes-driven approach means your audience and your business goals are always at the forefront. Taking a holistic view, we develop sites that tell a story illustrating your unique differentiators and the impact you can make.

We understand that websites are not static. They are a window into your organisation and need to reflect your vision and values. We take a long-term view and create sites that can change as your business grows and transforms. Using the latest digital and customer experience trends, we ensure your website not only looks good but delivers your message in a dynamic way.

Business System Integration

Our business system integration solutions help you transform processes and technology investments into innovative solutions.

With the right integration architecture, your business stands to reduce total cost of ownership, increase customer reach and drive operational efficiency. Our highly skilled tech professionals can help you deliver an integrated architecture that aligns with the strategies and goals of your business. We take a long-term, holistic approach to all our engagements and immerse ourselves in your business partnering with you to ensure success.

Everything we do is as practical as possible. Our structured approach takes a comprehensive view of your entire enterprise architecture ensuring our integration solutions maximise your technology investment. By analysing your business processes and systems, we formulate and implement an integration strategy that builds synergies and unlocks business value.