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Murdoch Course Page

Murdoch University took on a project to replace their current course handbook infrastructure to an automated website service. By replacing the handbook and optimising search with improved course page layouts, provides a better user experience for students whilst meeting the needs of Murdoch’s business units. Prior to the redevelopment, when performing a search the curriculum information displayed data relating to majors within each course, but there was no further course detail.

The new developed version of the course pages now helps users search for information by course and view its underlying majors or vice versa, the updated page designs and layouts making it easier to see all corresponding information between courses and majors.

The redevelopment provides a more consistent user experience by integrating data from the Courseloop. The student handbook and website now share the same data.

Discover all of what Murdoch Course has to offer by visiting their website:

API Creation and Integration

At Diviv we have undertaken many custom development projects requiring the integration of multiple systems. Using our experience and learnings from other projects we are able to quickly build API’s and design data input to best suit any project needs.

How we solve your technical problem

By leveraging our knowledge of Murdoch’s systems from working closely with them over a number of years we were able to get started quickly on project delivery.

We designed and built a new API which accepts course information in a JSON format, communicating over an Azure service bus to display important course information on Murdoch’s website.

Technical Challenges:

  • Security

    On top of the password and API key, Diviv developed a program that cross-checks the incoming SSL certificate to determine the validity of the request origin.

  • Problem solving around tech limitations

    During the process, we encountered issues because of technology limitations . On many occasions it was difficult to isolate the issues but through close collaboration with our dev team and the customer, we were able to quickly solve these problems.