Web App Development

Volunteer Accounting System (VAS)

St John has a regionally dispersed team of Volunteers. These teams used to manage accounts in Individual systems. Internal processes were such that heavy manual tasks were required which were prone to error and came with a significant time cost to the organisation and a frustration to customers.

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The Solution

The development team worked closely with stakeholders to design a new Volunteer Accounting System (VAS), which brought all regional accounting systems into a single source with an easy to use and intuitive web interface with integration into Microsoft GP.

The Benefits

In addition to resolving the cumbersome manually intensive problems from there old System the VAS also includes new functionality such as a Patient Care Records billing component for charging ambulance cases; a Debt Collection component to track debt, send reminders, create payment plans & take payment; a Benefit Fund membership function to create & renew memberships as well as a portal into the Debtors, Creditors & Financial modules including Bank Reconciliation.

Oh, that feeling you get when you interact with a great digital product!
We have been working with Diviv for around 4 months now and have been very pleased with how they operate. Biggest task to date has been a new brand campaign which meant a new look website. The guys delivered on time and on budget which is what you need when the pressure is on. We hope to continue to work with them for many more years.