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Pharmacy 777 provides innovative and quality pharmaceutical services to customers across Australia. The Pharmacy 777 team entrusted Diviv with the challenge of developing their brand-new campaign website Visibuy. The website is used to promote brands and products, with the aim of providing exclusive deals, special offers and competitive trading terms via their membership program to pharmacies across the nation.

At Diviv we're always up for a challenge and were happy to collaborate with the Pharmacy 777 team to deliver a high-quality WordPress solution that meets all of their requirements.

Discover what else Visibuy is up to by visiting their website:
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Finding the right CMS fit is can be a difficult challenge for new websites and even more challenging for new clients. We proposed WordPress CMS based on understanding the high-level requirements and because we knew the timeline would be tight. WordPress ticked all the boxes in this case, it would facilitate the ease and speed of content entry along with meeting our development goals.

For Visibuy we designed and implemented custom post types with accompanying blocks. This approach simplified content entry and provided Pharmacy 777 drag and drop components that can be placed anywhere throughout the site, maximising flexibility.

How we solve your technical problem

We proposed a comprehensive solution to address all of Pharmacy 777’s challenges and requirements using the WordPress CMS. All pages use as much of the default functionality already delivered by WordPress. This is further enhanced with our custom developed widgets, complemented by using some tried, tested, and trusted plugins from the WordPress vast plugin library.

As with any client, time and budget are important considerations for any project. Using the value from our continuous learning processes and our agile-like project methodology, we maintain the delivery of high quality solutions for our customers.

No matter how big or small the job, our team at Diviv want to make the entire process as simple and pain free. Speak with us today to ask how we can help you with your next project!