Sitefinity Custom Development

Wesfarmers Sustainability

As part of a consolidation of Wesfarmers web portfolio, the previously separate Sustainability 300+ page site was to be migrated into the corporate domain under a subfolder configuration.

Migration of this content meant that much of the previous styling would need to conform to the corporate branding using existing elements and templates that were already developed and use site wide for

Working with the Wesfarmers Sustainability team, Diviv looked at existing Wesfarmers page templates and widgets to try and find the best fit for the content being moved over without developing new templates.

Discover what else Wesfarmers Sustainability is up to by visiting their website:
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Sitefinity Custom Components

As part of the Sustainability work package Diviv built a custom Sitefinity widget to allow users to work with complex tabulated data without having to manually manipulate HTML or require the need for a developer to be involved. Custom development of components such as widgets offer great ROI and can drastically simplify complex user tasks and aid in the reuse of such components site wide.

How we solve problems

This particular project was not all smooth sailing, during the delivery process it became clear that there was a misunderstanding and miscommunication around some of the deliverables. Thanks to having a great relationship with the client, the Diviv and Sustainability team worked together to get back on the same page and adjusted course for a successful delivery. Sometimes a project team learns more overcoming some adversity, by tackling issues in an open and honest way we build long term trust with our customers.